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The Whatz-it is a low tech indicator which supports children with autism and other communication difficulties in scaled decision making situations. It was developed after several years of experience in special education where the difficulty of communicating difficult concepts such as pain was a barrier to good care. Using the Whatz-it has proved a gateway to improved care and more accurate diagnosis and treatment.

On a scale of 1-5, tell me how much it hurts? – fine for most people but not for the child with autism who will give you their favourite number or one they recognise! Scales which use facial expression are equally confusing.

How to use the Whatz-it

The graduated colour scale (green to red) allows a selection of intensity rather than an exact choice.

Move the magnetic tile along the scale to convey 'how much it hurts' 'how much you like maths' how much you enjoyed the cinema last night'!

The Whatz-it comes with a set of 8 blank and 8 pain customised magnetic tiles which can be picked and placed on the slider to move to indicate intensity.

It is easy to change the symbols which match the ProxTalker® sticker sheet and are compatible with ProxTalker® App templates.


  • Colour intensity scale
  • Magnetic tiles for easy selection and storage
  • Sliding magnetic tile holder
  • Non slip rubber feet
  • Anti-microbial contact surfaces will tolerate chlorine based wipes
  • Tiles compatible with ProxTalker sticker sheets for customisation


Size: 230mm x 160mm x 10mm
Tiles: 36.5 mm square antimicrobial ABS with magnet
Weight: 500g
Symbols: 8 Widgit Symbols
Material: High density polyethylene





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  • 8 customised hospital related tiles
  • 8 blank tiles
  • sticker sheets for
    tile personalisation

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