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The Logan® ProxTalker®

The Logan ProxTalker is an exciting mid-tech communication device which uses RFID technology to retrieve vocabulary stored on sound tags to produce REAL words.

Just Pick a tag, Place it on a button and Press - the ProxTalker device will say the appropriate sound, word or sentence.

The Logan ProxTalker can bridge the language gap for children and adults with autism, communication difficulties or people who generally struggle with reading and writing. The next step for any picture exchange system user.

The Logan ProxTalker Supports:

  • Open closeHome

    • Provide a voice to picture exchange or non-verbal communication
    • Communicate routines and timetables quickly
    • Use whilst out and about and record messages on the go
    • Create messages to transition from one place to another
    • Enable independence in social situations for the user
    • Support expressing emotions and understand behaviour rules
    • Lower levels of anxiety and frustration from ‘not being heard’
    • Extend language learning opportunities in the home environment
  • Open closePrimary Schools

    • Enhance independence levels in the classroom
    • Support the writing process for emergent writers
    • Improve writing skills
    • Enable recording in subjects like maths, science, history etc
    • Model and support sentence construction
    • Aid interaction with storytelling and sequencing
    • Assist low level readers
    • Enhance communication for EAL students
  • Open closeSpecial Schools

    • Provide a voice to picture exchange communication
    • Enhance sensory interaction within lessons
    • Support social skill sessions
    • Improve vocabulary understanding
    • Communicate instructions quickly
    • Improve awareness of student target
    • Support curriculum access
    • Enable recording in subjects like maths, science, history
  • Open closeHealth

    • Communicate important messages quickly
    • Provide a voice to hospital patients who cannot speak
    • Support communication and understanding for patients with dementia
    • Overcome communication difficulties with stroke patients
    • Lower language barriers for patients who don’t speak English
    • Help aphasia patients develop their language skills
    • Personalise messages recorded for each patient
    • Enable patients to feel valued and respected

ProxTalker Light Touch is available on request. The buttons require half the pressure and were designed for those with muscle weakness. If you would like to order this device please contact us to order.


  • Robust, water resistant and easy to use
  • Portable in a backpack or wheelchair/wall mountable in binder format
  • Symbol and Sound Tags can be labelled with wide range of symbols, photos, text or objects of reference (available in male or female voices)
  • Large tags available to support visual impairment
  • Easy access to vocabulary
  • Speak All™ tag which enables sequence of tags to be played automatically
  • Colour coded pages for categorization of tags
  • 5 location buttons allow single word or sentence level use.
  • Unique Programming Tags
  • Easily adjustable volume
  • Inbuilt microphone
  • Sound tag can store up to 8 seconds of recording
  • 1GB memory, (30,000 sound tags/1,000 minutes)
  • Powered by 4 x C Duracell batteries (minimum of 6 months battery life in use)



Dimensions in back pack: 330mm x 180mm x 90mm
Weight in backpack: (with Tags): 2.17 kg


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ProxTalker in Backpack
  • 80 male or female tags
  • 20 Blank tags + protectors
  • 6 Programming tags
  • Speak all tags

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Colours: Available in grey, blue and pink. If your order online you will receive a grey ProxTalker. If you require a different colour, please contact us to order.

Symbol and Sound Tags: Available in male or female voices. Please call us to specify which you would prefer.

ProxTalker Light Touch: If you require this device please contact us to order. 

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