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Frequently Asked Questions

I cannot get any sound, or some tags work and some do not?

The LOGAN® PROXTALKER® device may need to be reset.

If unit still does not work...

The SD card might have ejected.

If unit still does not work...

The batteries may be exhausted.

If unit still does not work, please contact: your sales representative.

The sound recordings appear not to record or to default to another recorded sound?

This will happen if you duplicate tags on a single device. Make sure you are using differently coded sound cards.

If you duplicate sound tags with the same number or name you cannot record different sounds on each, e.g. trying to record Jane on blank 12 and Mary on another blank 12 is impossible. The words are stored on the machine, the tags are the route to accessing the right sounds.

I can’t get a good recording. Recorded sound is too quiet. The end of the recording gets chopped off?

To obtain good quality recordings:

Some Buttons Do Not Work?

Make sure the area surrounding the buttons is free of dirt and debris.
TIP: A toothpick is useful for freeing up difficult to remove foreign objects.

The buttons are too hard for the user to press?

We produce a Light Touch version of the LOGAN® PROXTALKER® device which may be easier to use, the buttons require half the pressure and were designed for those with muscle weakness.

I want to organise words into categories?

We produce 9 different coloured pages to enable you to work in categories.

There are too many pages for and the BackPack will not shut?

We sell a range of accessories to cope with expanding vocabulary.

If you would like a bigger BackPack please let us know and we can customize this for you.

The sound tags are too small for the images I want to use?

We produce 2 different sizes of tags: 3.5 x 3.5 cms or 8.5x5 cms.
You can always stick large pictures or objects of reference onto a tag to suit individual needs.

We use different symbols from those supplied?

We currently have agreement to sell the Widgit symbols from InPrint however you can produce whatever symbols/pictures/photos you want. Our website has templates for CIP, Boardmaker and word documents to make it easy to produce stickers using our label sheets.

I want to have 2 sets of programming tags so we can make changes at home and school?

We sell programming tag set as accessories.

How do I protect the new stickers from getting wet?

You should have received blank stickers and laminate tag protectors with your LOGAN® PROXTALKER® device, putting the laminate over the stickers offers some protection from spillage. We sell extra sheets of both as accessories.

The factory produced tags are too shiny?

You should have received blank stickers and laminate tag protectors with your LOGAN® PROXTALKER® device, putting the laminate over the customized tags will reduce the glare. Please request more laminates if this if an issue.

Is there another way to store the LOGAN® PROXTALKER® device than the BackPack?

The LOGAN® PROXTALKER® device comes with either a BackPack or Folder, the latter is used more often in classroom situations where it needs to be less portable. This can easily be stored on the wall for easy access. Both BackPack and Folder are available as accessories.

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