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LoganTech Communication Devices

The ProxTalker and ProxPAD are exciting mid-tech communication devices that use RFID technology to speak symbol tags.

Just put the symbol tag onto the device and it will speak a pre-recorded word, sound or sentence. It is easy to record your own words onto a tag.

Logan ProxTalker


  • Pick a tag and Press it
    on a button
  • Order tags and speak them as a sentence
  • The next step for any picture
    exchange system user

Logan ProxPAD


  • Touch or Swipe tags
    near the pad
  • Attach tags to objects to make them speak messages
  • For limited language, hand function or visual impairment

Both devices

  • Use small or large tags
  • Templates available for you to print
    your own tag stickers
  • Tags can be labelled with symbols, photos, text or objects
  • Easily record a message to a tag
  • Change messages at the touch
    of a button
  • Combine learning and
    communication activities

From £1,695

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