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WidgetQuik remains and develops to meet the advertising needs of internet marketers worldwide.

Thank you for such a program of integrity!
I wish WidgetQuik all the best in its' business aspirations too!

Laura Matsuda

Submitted by Laura Matsuda


Widget Quik is AWESOME!!

Finally someone got it right.

I highly recommend Widget Quik if you want exposure.

I got sign ups within 1 hour of using Widget Quik..

Ted Nelson

Submitted by Ted Nelson


Well guys I`ve been hooked on WidgetQUIK since day one. I didn`t think it could get any better with all the fantastic tools supplied i.e. Splash Builder, Lead Capture and all the little widget gadgets. It`s been my all time favorite site ever!

Now you`ve introduced SurfWidget .. Here I go again...Stop I`ll never leave my computer..

Well done again!

Submitted by Mary Dent


I really am consistently impressed with your Widgetquik.com. I'm glad you are boosting features. Actually, I don't know what your plans are but I hope you add some more.

The ones you have now are pretty awesome ...so who in there right mind would not want more of a good thing?

Submitted by John Piekiel


Just scheduled my favorite Tweets over a period of  14 hours. Now my Tweets don't appear spammy but are spaced a hour apart. Awesome!

Submitted by Roosevelt Evans III


Hey Everybody!

Chuck Madere Here for WidgetQuik...

No longer do I spend hours figuring out how to build a splash page or a contact me box for my websites. I am so thrilled with WidgetQuik's simplicity of use that I now press a few keystroke and presto like magic it's done for me.

Do as I do and give it a try today.

Submitted by Chuck Madere


This has been a great new tool that I have used with lots of success it rocks the ship.
Thanks Guys

Submitted by Luis Zaragoza


What a cleaver and fantastic idea. I upgraded immediately knowing this is going to be huge for Internet Marketers. They are going to leap on this like leeches in a public swimming pool! Thanks for making this opportunity available to all us marketers in the world! Kindest Regards,

Submitted by Wayman Simmang


This is a testimonial on the power and effectiveness of WidgetQuik.

We started mailing the WidgetQuik promotion after 5 pm Monday, Feb. 16, 2009 and only got thru the A's, before retiring for the night. We resumed the next morning and would be sending Widget Quik thru the more than 60+ promotions that we use, over the next several days.

When we got up the next morning, we already had 8 signups. The surf widget #2 is simply AWESOME and is the only one we use for the traffic exchanges. 

We advertised 5 of our promotions on one link and received 4 signups on one of the other promotions that we were running.  Haven't had time to check on the other 4.

Our suggestion would be to sign up, upgrade, and promote surf widget #2 on the traffic exchanges.  There is no danger of getting rejected at the traffic exchanges as one widget merely replaces another one when moused over. We have been accepted at the 6 traffic exchanges where we put the surf widget #2 link, that displays all 5 promotions.

You need a minimum of 2 widgets and a maximum of 5, to be able to use the surf widgets, so make sure you have your favorite programs in the selection.

You will definitely get signups from some of the programs that are displayed, as well as signups into Widget Quik, as people click on the link in the upper left hand corner, to see what WQ is all about.

Having 5 promotions instead of 2 is simply AWESOME, because it lets you promote all 5 at once.

Submitted by Carl Goodnight


Well, I'm not really sure where to start when it comes to Widget Quik.  I love new and unique tools and Widget Quik is so unique I just know that everyone is going to want one. 

The best part about WidgetQuik, other than the crazy traffic and sales it's creating is the fact that anyone from newbie to experienced marketer can master using WidgetQuik in about 15 minutes.

WidgetQuik is a definite winner and now holds a permanent spot in our Earth Friendly Biz Resource list.

Submitted by Janet Legere