Widgit Symbol Update 2021

More Inclusive, More Relevant, More Symbols

Widgit Symbol Update 2021

To support self-expression and vocabulary comprehension for our users, we have released a major update to the Widgit Symbols to better represent the culture and technology of the world we live in.

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What do users think of the 2021 Symbol Update?

To help ensure that the new and revised symbols are fit for purpose, we conducted user reviews with practitioners who regularly create and use symbolised materials with learners. Here are just a few of the comments we received:

Carley McAdam

"The changes are subtle enough that students who use Widgit symbols and are familiar with them won't be put out by seeing new or slightly updated versions."

Carley McAdam (Special Ed Teacher and City Kicks Author)

Steph Reed Autism Soectrum Teacher

"The new symbols look great. I am always trying to ensure the students get meaning instantly from the symbols. These changes will help that further and also they seem much more updated and modern."

Steph Reed (Autism Spectrum Teacher)

Sammie Colmer

"I can’t wait to download the updated version! The varied skin tone tool is highly needed and necessary. Great work Widgit, well done!!"

Sammie Colmer (Special Needs Teacher)

Widgit Symbol Flashcards

"Better, definitely better. Clearer, more realistic and more up to date."

Justin Drew (Sandwell SLT)

InPrint 3 Symbol Materials

"They are good, I like them. They are nice and clear."

Emma Covington (AAC Specialist)


We'd like to thank the following people for their advice and feedback:

  • Bethany Smith (Sandwell SLT)
  • Carley McAdam (Special Ed Teacher and City Kicks Author)
  • Emma Covington (AAC Specialist)
  • Julie Brown (SEND Team, County Durham)
  • Julie Tandy (Milestone Academy, Gloucestershire)
  • Justin Drew (Sandwell SLT)
  • Karen Ferguson (Linrow Education)
  • Kerstin Kanebrant (Symbolbruket)
  • Lisa Phillips (CLASS – East Sussex)
  • Mandy Walton (Milestone Academy, Gloucestershire)
  • Paolo Vaccari (Auxilia)
  • Rebecca Lynch (Rosehill School, Nottingham)
  • Sammie Colmer (Special Needs Teacher)
  • Steph Reed (Autism Spectrum Teacher)
  • Susan Cumbers (Corbets Tey School, Havering)

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