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Sam’s story

By Clare, Sam's mum

SamSam is about to turn 18 and has Cerebral Palsy with difficult access issues. Here his mum tells his journey to the LOGAN® PROXTALKER® which has changed their lives. We will update you with ‘what Sam does next’ as he continues his communication journey. He is truly inspirational in his use of the LOGAN® PROXTALKER® and an example of why all things need to be considered when choosing a communication solution.

“As a Mother of an ‘almost 18 year old’ son with profound disabilities, one of the most painful and frustrating issues is that of little or no communication. Having tried many different ways of communicating in the past, from simple single hand switches to chin switches and head switches, it seemed for a while that we would never find something that was totally accessible to Sam but also, and equally important, motivating to him.

Then, one day – along came the PROXTALKER®, such a simple and remarkably clever design, it meets both Sam's physical ability yet motivates him more than anything else I have ever seen. We trialled the unit over the Summer Holidays and Wow! Small simple phrases together with personalised words and ‘things of interest’ were used and every day it became his most favoured task. His very own PROXTALKER® arrived just in time for Christmas and this year Sam's communication skills have come on leaps and bounds.

A few weeks ago my mobile rang and I heard the recorded sounds of ‘Hello Mum, How are you?’ – this was one of those tear-jerking and memorable moments that I never ever thought I would ever have the privilege to receive. My son rang me! His speech and language therapist was with him and said that he was grinning from ear to ear with pride, whilst I held back the tears.

Since then he has regularly phoned either myself or his dad in this way, but we have also moved on to using the PROXTALKER® with other forms of technology and have ‘face-timed’ relatives, where Sam has asked them ‘how they are’ and ‘what they are doing’.

The PROXTALKER® itself is so easy to program and use, it is compact and easy to transport about and remarkably doesn't need charging up! It has standard batteries which seem to have an amazingly long life, I cannot tell you how long it lasts as it is still going strong.

The PROXTALKER® has changed Sam's life and it has changed my life and other family members and friends. To be touched by Sam initiating a conversation and actually being able to communicate with us – absolutely incredible.”

Sam’s story - What Sam did next
Never underestimate the power of motivation

Following on from Sam’s story... this is how Sam now chooses to communicate with Dad who is on trip in Japan.

I cannot believe what I am seeing, not using the green switch - watch!!! AND this was for Daddy who is literally on the other side of the world Japan!

So totally emotional - my son is amazing!

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