Widgets, Splash Pages & Utilities...Use Them and Earn

Personalized and linked website Images in a viral widget will be the next wave of marketing and WidgetQUIK puts you right in the forefront of this new trend. WidgetQUIK has an ever growing inventory of graphical image widgets that you can use in your marketing efforts to better expose your program, product or service AND earn referral income too.

Earn Just By Using Them!

We have many Widgets available and plan to regularly add more. We encourage you to view these widgets and imagine how the value that these cutting edge marketing tools could help your business while creating a secondary viral income merely by using them.

Surfwidget (a full advertising exchange for you!)

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Full Systems (widgets that provide a service for you to use)

uQuik Social URL Rotator <-Click to View Sample - uQuik Pro Member Theme also available <-Click to View Sample The first image based URL rotation system. That means no Frame Breakers, which should make Traffic Exchange owners very happy! This system allows you to set the weight of each URL you add so you can determine which one gets shown first in the gallery. You can set the timing of the gallery too. The gallery of URL images is like a rotation within the rotator! With this rotator you can customize the background and text colors, you can set the titles and descriptions of each site, you can add social icons with links to your favorite social networks <- gain friends and influence people! Plus you can add your picture to the social bar that is on the left of every rotator. Join free and start using this awesome URL rotation system today!

Social URL System <-Click to View Sample - This system will turn any Website, even if you don't own it, into a Social URL! Another avenue to success is making connections with people. Now, when you are hard at work promoting your affiliate sites you can use this system. It will not only promote your affiliate site or product but it will PROMOTE YOU! You can add your photo and any number of social networks as well. Start using it today!

Splash Page Builder <-Click to View Sample - Many affiliate companies give you splash pages to promote that company but how do you stand out when all the affiliates are promoting the same pages? Stand out by creating your own with our Splash Page Builder. It is simple to use because we have a What You See Is What You Get (wysiwyg) Html Editor. If you can type on a computer you can use this system.

Lead Capture System <-Click to View Sample - There is nothing like a DEMO to get the full picture of the power of this system. This system will turn any Website, even if you do not own it, into a Lead Capture Page! Turn your blog or affiliate page into a Lead Capture Page! Turn almost any site into a Lead Capture Page! You have heard the saying -- It takes a list to be successful online. Well it is true and now you can build your list while promoting any website.

Tweetquik's Schedule Tweets System <-There is no sample for this - Why log into twitter to send the same promotional tweet day after day? Use this system to schedule your tweet at the same time everyday or on at the same time on a particular day of the week, each week! Pro members can add an unlimited number of scheduled tweets. Set your promotional tweets on autopilot. You can also use this system as a reminder service for yourself.


ToGo Widgets (widgets that provide a small code snippet to place on a website, blog, or social network)

Social Bar <-Click to View Sample - Now you can add your favorite social links to any website you own with a cool looking Social Bar. Upload your picture and promote your Widgetquik Affiliate URL too. You can position the bar on the top or bottom and the left or right of your site. Plus Pro Members can add custom HTML to the Info Icon window.

CoverFlip Social Intergration widget <-Click to View Sample - You have seen how Iphones, Ipads and the Itouch flip album covers to help you select music. Now you can add a similar widget to flip your websites! This widget will display your websites and get them noticed. It also intergrates many Social Connect icons for you to expand your influence with. Plus an "info" icon can be added that will display a box that you can put a customized message into or any valid HTML.

ToGo Social Bookmark widget <-Click to View Sample - then click the image that you see! You can provide your visitors a convenient way to bookmark your blog, website or social network page using this widget. Get exposure for your site through Social Bookmarking! All while your Widgetquik affiliate URL is inside the widget, helping you to make sales here!

ToGo Twitter Widget <- Click to View Sample - This Widget allows you show your last 5 tweets on any website, blog, or social network (that allows javascript code). Plus it links back to your Twitter page so people can follow you if they choose to. Plus we link it back to your WidgetQUIK affiliate page so you can earn commissions here by referring people to WidgetQUIK!

ToGo LINK Cloud Widget <- Click to View Sample - Check out our new "LINK Cloud" widget. It can be added to your website with just a little code snippet. It allows you to set up a cool "TAG" cloud simulator with promotional links that you put in. Set up quik words and link them to your programs or websites! Plus the widget, as always, links back to your widgetquik affiliate URL to help you earn commissions here!

ToGo Slider Widget <- Click to View Sample - This Widget allows you add a dynamic slide up bar to any website, blog, or social network (that allows javascript code). Plus we link it back to your WidgetQUIK affiliate page so you can earn commissions here by referring people to WidgetQUIK!

ToGo Short URL Widget <- Click to View Sample - Provide your own short url service to your visitors while promoting your Widgetquik Affiliate URL at the same time. This widget allows your users to grab short URL's without ever leaving your site! Powered by Itshrunk.com!

ToGo Gallery <- Click to View Sample - This Widget is essentially similar to the Splash Widget #1 but can be placed on the advertisers blog, website or social network page.

ToGo Banner Expand <- Click to View Sample - Innovative Design that looks like a banner but provides unique expandability of the target image when the cursor is passed over.As a "ToGo" Widget this can be placed on the advertisers site, blog or social network.


Splash Page Widgets (widgets that provide an unique URL for you to promote)

Gallery Splash <- Click to View Sample - This Widget allows you to present up to five graphic page images (two for free members) that change every five seconds providing exposure to a greater number of sites or programs during a typical Traffic Exchange 15-30 second view. This is not a URL rotator, rather a single page that is, essentially, animated with the presentation of the personalized graphics. By clicking on the individual page graphics the viewer is take to the destination site (your link) chosen by the advertiser. In addition, the advertiser can provide a slight personalization by inserting a small amount of descriptive text that can further define the program, product or service being offered. Notice, too, the clickable link in the upper left hand corner of the Widget. That link will take a visitor back to the advertisers WidgetQUIK website, providing potential referrals and income for the advertiser merely By Using the Widget!

POP Splash <- Click to View Sample - This is a favorite of most advertisers and viewers. When you click to view the sample notice how the initial target page literally jumps out at you! This is sure to get more exposure for the advertisers program, product or service. And, hey, its fun and new. Of course, the other sites, will jump out at the visitor, too, when the visitor passes his cursor over them. Personalization and text content is available on this widget along with the powerful viral marketing feature of the link back to the advertisers WidgetQUIK replicated site.

Blinds Splash <- Click to View Sample - Our newest Splash Widget that features a timed horizontal slide with large site captures and a personalized title. Plus your WidgetQUIK affiliate URL is linked on the image in the top left!

Revolve Splash <-Click to View Sample - Your Sites revolve in this new and fully customizable Splash Widget.And, hey, its fun and new. Set the background color or selected a cool image for a background. Customize the header message and set the color of the font.